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​Consulting translation

In Commci, a couple of consultant and translator execute each translation in collaboration with clients based on the policy "One should go to specialists for the best results". 


  • The consultant reviews original material and picks up technical and industrial terms. The consultant may ask questions to client. The consultant gives a list of keywords and teach the critical points to the translator. The translator executes translations precisely  based on the information from the consultant. The consultant and the translator reviews  together the translated material.

  • The consultant has an experience of business for more than 10 years related to the given material. The translator has an experience of translation related to the given material.

  • ​​Currently, this consulting translation is applied to telecommunication and IT areas and is planned to be extended to other areas.


Contact us  with the contact form by filling in the request (material abstract,  volume, deadline, etc.) . The invoice will be sent after confirming the request by e-mail or phone.

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