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​Communication Consulting

Commci offers business and technical consulting on communications.


(1) Business and Technical Consulting on mobile communications 


 Currently, in the mobile communications business field, intensive development is underway with the aim of commercializing the 5th generation system (5G) in early 2020. In Japan, Rakuten, which has been an MVNO until now, will enter the fourth MNO business, diversifying mobile communication services and further intensifying business competition.

Towards the 2020s, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is promoting various deregulations related to the MVNO business as one of Japan's measures to revitalize the economy and improve people's lives through the further spread and development of the world's highest level ICT infrastructure. MVNOs began to develop their businesses from light MVNOs as Internet gateways with L2 connections to full MVNOs that operate their own HSS and provide their own SIMs.

In terms of relationships with MNOs as well, it is a natural trend to overcome business competition with other MNOs/MVNOs by sharing networks and complementing each other's businesses, rather than simply borrowing network access parts. can be assumed. ​

Comsy Co., Ltd. will support the expansion and development of the current MVNO business and the launch of the MVNO business for companies that are interested in the MVNO business.

(2) Sales support of products and services to communication operators


 In order to provide 5th generation mobile communication services in the 2020s, telecommunications carriers, including MVNOs, will further advance their information communication infrastructure and develop application services on that infrastructure. will be taken away.


Comsui Co., Ltd. supports vendors, especially foreign venture companies, in approach and strategy for selling products and services to telecommunications carriers.

First of all, please send us your communication consulting request using the inquiry form.

After confirming the content of your request by e-mail or telephone, we will propose the content of the work through an interview.

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