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At YabFarm, YabFarm Lodge can be used as an isolation facility for people who have close contact with Corona.

Currently, if one of the family members is infected with Corona and is recuperating at home, if the cohabitant is certified as a close contact, the cohabitant20 daysmust also self-quarantine at home.


If you use Minpaku YabFarm Lodge as an isolation facility for those who have had close contact with Corona, you do not have to close the shop or take unpaid leave from your company for the next 20 days.

YabFarm Lodge has 4 units, and each unit has 2 Japanese-style rooms, so it can be used as an isolation facility for up to 2 family members.

Usage fee(including consumption tax)

per day2,950 yen

for 10 days25,000 yen

YabFarm Lodge also serves meals. .

Minpaku YabFarm Lodge participates in the GOTO Travel Campaign.

As a countermeasure against the new corona infection, we are thoroughly disinfecting and ventilating the accommodation facility to avoid the 3 Cs. (Since each guest room can go directly outside, there is no shared space for guests, but we regularly clean and disinfect the outside stairs to the guest room on the second floor.)

In addition, customersAt check-in,

・We will ask all guests to present their ID cards to verify their identities.

・Check physical condition such as temperature measurement.

・Wash your hands and face with the hand soap provided in your room.

Please understand that we ask for your cooperation.

If you have a fever or cold symptoms between check-in and check-out, we will ask for instructions from the Kashiwa Public Health Center or the Returnees and Contacts Consultation Center and take appropriate measures. .

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